Used Parts

DTM Machine Service has a growing inventory of used parts in working condition. Some highlights of the items available:

Electrical and Electronic

  • GDrive hardware components, including machine-tested PCs
  • Motion control cards
  • Maxi Maestro servo drives
  • Allen Bradley inverters
  • Complete MCX controllers
  • Circuit cards for various older Giben controllers, plus some “new-old” stock
  • Moeller PLC cards and modules
  • Encoders
  • Relays, motor contactors, circuit overloads, switches and switch contacts
  • Pusher servo motors


  • Various air cylinders from throughout the machine
  • Univer valve bodies and manifold blocks
  • Air fittings

Mechanical parts and assemblies

  • Side aligner motor and gearbox assemblies, along with a complete side aligner assembly
  • Complete front aligner assemblies for rear-load saws
  • Grippers: front-load, rear-load, and lifting styles
  • Lift table power pods and idle-roller pods
  • Energy chain / cable track sections and components
  • Scoring saw assemblies
  • Pusher pinion assemblies
  • Various saw blade arbor pulleys and quick-release flanges
  • Reducers / gearboxes
  • Hydraulic variators for saws 1994 and older