Side Aligner

rollover sleeve

Side Aligner Roller Sleeve

Make sure your rollers are in good condition, allowing the side aligner to function properly. I have various options for your side aligner roller sleeves:

  • Refurbished sleeve. A used roller with a new outer sleeve, #SA005.R.
    Replaces Giben 208.0343: $120 each
  • New sleeve. This is a new roller core and sleeve. #SA005.N.
    Replaces Giben 208.0343: $180 each
  • Complete new roller assembly, including a new sleeve, center shaft, bearings,
    and snap ring. The roller comes fully assembled for immediate installation. #SA006.N.
    Replaces Giben 301.3309: $295 each
  • Complete roller assembly, including a refurbished sleeve, and new center shaft,
    bearings, and snap ring. Fully assembled for immediate installation. #SA006.R.
    Replaces Giben 301.3309: $245 each

A core credit is available for your used roller sleeves; credit of $25 is given upon receipt of each used roller with the steel core in usable condition. Remove the old snap ring, center shaft, and bearings before shipping your sleeves. I can also rebuild your rollers for you, replacing parts as necessary and returning the complete assembly to you in like-new condition. The price for this service varies with the condition of the individual roller components. Contact Me to make arrangements for us to refurbish your old rollers.

side aligner roller

Side Aligner Roller Center Shaft

Ensure that your new roller sleeve guides the material properly along the square fence by mounting the roller on a new, straight center shaft. New lower price

  • Center shaft. New center shaft for the roller sleeve, #SA003. Replaces Giben 204.0206: $80 each
  • Bearings and snap ring. New roller hardware, #SA006.KIT. Replaces Giben 005.0049: $35 per kit
side aligner bushing

Side Aligner Guide Bushing

The bronze bushings fit inside the slot on the front and rear side aligner plates, and act as the guide for the arms. These are wear items and will need to be replaced periodically; worn guide bushings will decrease the effectiveness of the side aligner. There are two bushings for each roller, and most machines have 4 bushings total. New material, same price!

  • Bushing, #SA001. Replaces Giben 777.0033: $18 each