Saw Base

throat plates

Throat Plates

The throat plates (“piano keys”) are the working surface of the saw base. The condition of the plates is very important for the cut quality, blade life, and operator safety. There are two different sizes on a typical machine, large and small. There is also a third small plate that has been modified for the side aligner material presence sensor, shown as the bottom item in the photo to the left.

My plates are made from a single mold for each size; the OEM plates are made from four separate mold cavities each for the large and small plates. Using a single mold gives my plates a uniformity that the OEM plates cannot match, resulting in higher quality and more consistent parts. In addition to the improved uniformity, DTM Machine Service offers all three pieces at a significant cost savings.

With the launch of the new website I have reduced the prices for throat plates. In addition, combined quantities of 50 or more large and/or small plates and sensor plates in a single order receive a further discount of 10% on throat plates.

  • Large plate, #SB001. Replaces OEM 207.0088 and 207.0088.01: $20 each
  • Small plate, #SB002. Replaces OEM 207.1021 and 207.1021.01: $12 each
  • Sensor plate, #SB003. For the material presence sensor, 2 pieces: $30 each
finger guards

Aluminum Finger Guards

The finger guards are installed between the small throat plates at the cut line. These are important safety items that minimize accidental access into the cut line and help protect the fingers of your operators. When replacing throat plates be certain to check the condition of the finger guards, and replace them as necessary at the same time. Price reduction on the finger guards, now just $12 each.

  • Front finger guard, #SB007. Replaces OEM AA02305: $12 each
  • Rear finger guard, #SB008. Replaces OEM AA03176: $12 each
safety flaps

Safety Flaps

Safety flaps are an important part of operator safety, limiting accidental access to the cut line. Keep this protective barrier in good condition by replacing broken flaps.

  • Safety flap, #SB009. Replaces OEM 207.0100: $4 each.  Quantity discount of 10% for 30 or more safety flaps.
pressure beam pin

Pressure Beam Pin

Worn and un-greased pressure beam pins will cause a loud squeak as the pressure beams move up and down for a cut. New pins will help to eliminate this noise and can reduce wear of the bushings at each end of the torsion bars located inside the pressure beams. Be sure to grease the pins during installation, and check for noise at least once per month.

  • Pressure beam pin, #SB010. Replaces OEM 204.4739: $25 each