Pusher Cleaning Pads

Pusher Cleaning Pads

The cleaning pads help to keep the pusher rails and rollers clean. Once a month during regular maintenance of the pusher, check the condition of the pads to ensure they are properly cleaning the beams and rollers. There are 4 pads on each pusher. New lower price!

  • Cleaning pads, set of four. #LP001. Replaces Giben AA03364: $20 per set of four
gripper pushing points

Gripper Pushing Points

These are the aluminum blocks on the front of the grippers, the surface against which the operator places the material. DTM Machine Service uses a wide design, which provides a more solid alignment surface and greater longevity. My pushing points are sold in pairs, left and right. Note that the new points will likely need to be “trimmed” to ensure proper alignment across the entire pusher. Contact DTM Machine Service to schedule a visit. There are two purchase options:

  • Pushing points, one pair, #LP008. Replaces Giben AA02359.01 and AA02360.01: $30 per pair
  • Replacement for older Giben AA02359 and AA02360, plus new mounting hardware. Use this option to upgrade your old pushing points. #LP008.KIT: $35 per pair
Pusher Guides

Pusher Guides

These guides are a critical part of your pusher assembly. Worn guides can allow the pusher to track incorrectly along its stroke, causing squaring problems and collisions between the grippers and throat plates; these collisions will eventually necessitate expensive repairs. Check the condition of the guides on a monthly basis to determine the need for replacement. My rule-of-thumb is to replace the guides when there is an overall combined gap of 1/16″ (1.6 mm) or larger between the guides and the pusher rack, or when one or both guides is worn down to the wear indicator (the upper notch is worn away).

There are two different lengths available, and the guides are sold in pairs. Be certain to check the length before ordering:

  • 130 mm (5 1/8”), #LP004. Replaces Giben AA05876: $60 per pair
  • 150 mm (5 7/8”), #LP005. Replaces Giben AA03368: $60 per pair