DTM Machine Service has new, used, and refurbished parts to help maintain your machine in prime operating condition.

DTM Parts

My DTM-brand parts are American-made, manufactured here in the Midwest and tested on Giben saws in a production environment. I have growing inventory of oft-replaced items available at a significant discount and ready for immediate shipment. Check the DTM Parts inventory to see all of the new DTM-brand items available from my stock.
DTM Parts

Third Party Parts

Need a sensor, air cylinder, encoder, belt, or other third-party component? I can use my sources to get you the parts that you need, faster and for less cost. Items not in my immediate supply can often be drop-shipped direct to your facility.
Third Party Parts

Used Parts

I have a growing selection of used machine components and assemblies in working condition, including electronics, pneumatics, and OEM mechanical assemblies. Check the inventory to see the used items available from my stock.
Used Parts

Rebuild Service

Some of the failed machine components can be rebuilt and placed back into service, but doing so takes valuable time away from your maintenance staff. Let DTM Machine Service do the rebuild work for you. Among the components I typically rebuild:

  • Univer pneumatic valves
  • Univer and Camozzi pneumatic cylinders
  • Complete Gripper assemblies
  • Side aligner rollers

Don’t throw away the old parts! Check with me to see if the items can be refurbished and placed back on your spare parts shelf. Doing so will save you time and money.

Machinery Organ Donation

Parts from your old machine can live on: if you have Giben machinery destined for the scrap yard, let me strip the working components from your old machine so I can help other customers to keep their machinery working properly.

I am looking for a wide variety of items, including:

  • electronic parts
  • pneumatic items
  • mechanical assemblies from throughout the machine

For access to the parts on your old machine, I will make you an offer that is much better than the scrap value you would otherwise receive for those items; also, I give a premium for machines that are shown to be at least partly operational. You then keep the rest of the carcass and can recycle it for scrap value.

I am also interested in your old spare parts, so include those in your description of the machine. Photos of the machine and spares will help me to make a fair offer.

Please contact me if you are planning to scrap your saw: your old Giben saw parts may help another machine remain in production.