The saw motors won’t start – what should I do?

Faults with any of these devices will prevent the motors from starting. Here are the items to check first:

– E-stop is pressed. This is easy to miss on a machine with mulitple E-stops.

– Saw cover hood hasn’t latched correctly. Give a gentle lift on the hood, and then press downward lightly.

– The emergency bar has tripped but the switch didn’t reset correctly. Carefully lift the bar and then press it downward. If this doesn’t reset the switch, then check the roller arm on the switch itself.

– Servo or inverter tripped. Check the servos and/or inverters to see if the drive healthy circuits are okay. Depending on the unit in question, this may show as a fault code on the display or a lit LED indiciating a specific fault. Note the code and reset the unit.

– Circuit overload / breaker has tripped.

After verfiying those items are functioning properly, it’s time to pull out the schematics and a multimeter. Give me a call at 608-397-9517 or email me at if you need assistance.

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