Dan Hudzinski

Dan Hudzinski

Dan Hudzinski | Owner & Field Service Technician

I’m Dan Hudzinski, an independent service contractor specializing in Giben panel saws. I founded DTM Machine Service in the Spring of 2006, to provide independent support services for the Midwest region.

For nearly a decade I worked for Giben at their main office in the Atlanta area.  In June of 2004 my wife and I moved to the La Crosse area of Wisconsin, with the aim of living closer to family and strengthening Giben’s service capabilities in the Midwest region. After 11 years with the company, I decided to leave the direct employment of Giben and plot my own course. Since then I have continued to provide factory-trained on-site service to customers primarily in the Midwest, and have periodically contracted with Giben for service work.

DTM’s Goals

With your Giben saw, you have purchased one of the finest panel-cutting systems available; now you want to ensure that it performs well over the long run. DTM Machine Service will help make sure your Giben saws are doing the job properly, and that your Operators and Maintenance staff know how to correctly run and maintain the machine. By providing factory-trained expertise and quality parts at third-party prices, I will help increase your bottom line.

My primary focus is to strengthen the positive experience with your Giben panel sizing equipment. My goal is to help your company reach its own goals – efficient production performed on accurate and reliable equipment that you can count on to keep your company working. And we will work together to accomplish this while saving you money.

How DTM does it

By concentrating on Giben saws, I provide focused expertise on the first step in your production process. As I get to know each customer I can offer services tailored to their needs. And by offering quality repair parts at reduced prices, I will help give your company the financial flexibility it needs in order to excel in a complex business environment.

Some customers will only need a minimum amount of help keeping their machines finely tuned, while others will desire more hands-on time with factory-trained technicians. As you will see on my Services page DTM Machine Service offers as much help as you need, to make sure your machinery runs efficiently. I also offer new, used, and refurbished Parts to help decrease your cost-of-ownership.

Why DTM?

Because experience matters. 18 years and counting means I’ve likely seen this problem before, and my friendly relationship with Giben helps the three of us – you, me, and Giben – work together to keep your saws running properly.

Feel free to contact me so we can work together to ensure your Giben saws are performing at their best.